The Demand for Real Estate

Assets, according to Economics, is a worthy or useful property or resource that is owned by an individual or a company which value increases with time. According to us, real estate stands as a great asset that can generate future economic benefits. Then comes a common question that concerns most people; What is the reason behind such a boost in the real estate market? Simply, the answer embraces the fact that population is already in rise. Relatively, economic conditions in general get improved over time.
For that reason, people tend to obtain a piece of land, property or dwelling as an ideal way of investment. All what you need is a good consultancy to choose the best unit that suits your needs and appeals to your taste. It is not that you merely depend on the location of your unit, but most importantly, the availability of services and means of transportation.
Real estate is classified into a number of categories: Category “A” is the category that provides goods and services such as post offices, supermarkets and beverage shops. Class “B” involves factories or offices that construct a company. Group “C” consists of hotels and accommodations in their various forms. Finally “D” class is the public services which are not offered in “A” such as clinics, libraries and cinemas. Class “A” is considered the crème de la crème of all other classes. It is selected based upon the extent of the place access and the availability of services inside it, in addition to tenants.

It is also notable that the more a place embodies a number of wealthy people or people with critical positions in society, the greater the price and value of this place. This category includes areas that are being built in distinct areas inside the city or near the waterway (what is known as the Corniche). Its advantage lies in means of convenience that do not exist in other categories

Real estate investments influence the lives of most Egyptians. The significance of those investments impact the country’s general economy.
Spectacular returns in the real estate market are attracting various investors interested in seeing their money multiply manifolds in a matter of a few years. No other form of investment has delivered so much positive returns and certainly beaten down the tide of inflation.

Price dominates our conversations when we speak about buying our house. However, when it comes down to it, we actually buy for the same reasons our parents and grandparents did – we want a better lifestyle for ourselves and our families.

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